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  1. Rod says:

    According to your manifesto you are basically advocating local capitalism as opposed to global capitalism.

    I fully agree that we need to establish an alternative to capitalism. But that doesn’t just mean big business – the answer is not simply to rein in global corporations and ‘Buy Local’ – all capitalism needs to go, and be replaced by a world-wide society based on common ownership of the world’s resources in the interests of all. This entails the abolition of the entire capitalist class and the establishment of a classless, moneyless society – world socialism. It’s the only way. For more information see

  2. simone gad says:

    I am a visual/performance artist and senior citizen living on a tiny pension re my social security benefits which barely covers my rent, let alone bills and food. It’s ludicrous how I am able to keep participating in the artworld as a painter and collage maker with how little money I get each month. It’s all I can do to feed myself and my 2 cats as well as paint-keep painting and keep exhibiting my works. I thought life would be a little easier as i got older, but instead, it’s quite a battle. I don’t go shopping in department stores whatsoever, and am not about to spend money on expensive clothes -let alone make any returns. My money-what I am able to get-goes to buying art supplies, so I can keep making my work as that to me is like breathing-a major major important part of my life.

  3. John Michael Croft says:

    Cass Susstein and Richard Thaler speak heavily (in the book, Nudge) about a “Libertarian Paternalism” I highly encourage you (us?) to pursue as an additional alternative.

  4. B says:

    no olviden mencionar que el capitalismo aprovecha la división sexual del trabajo para mantener a las mujeres a cargo de los hogares y los hijos, de manera que así produzcan (gratis, y/o “por amor”) una cantidad de valores tangibles e intangibles que es esencial a la perpetuación del sistema… es importante romper con la división sexual del trabajo y los roles sociales.

  5. cherylm says:

    “You also said that the claim of absolute freedom actually means absolute freedom of economic action, and that such freedom is the radical opposite of any form of community. A denial of any representation of society as something other than a field of interaction for monadic, self-concerned individuals.
    …That is what Arthur Ashenking and Milton Friedman stand for. In their views,
    solidarity is harmful and antisocial because it hinders proper functioning of
    the market. Greed and egoism, on the other hand, serve the common good. I
    believe it is obvious that the logic of this discourse leads to a situation
    where everybody thinks of themselves as an exception. Like in the play Death
    of a Salesman, nobody ever thinks of themselves as the ones in need of social welfare, they all cling to the narcissistic dream that they too will “make it” one day. So the outcome is hatred of the collective, hatred of unions, hatred of the state, etc.”
    —-Excerpted from Berlin Talk, The Artist and the Banker, by Jan Peter Hammer & Thomas Locher, Mousse Magazine, Issue 24, Summer 2010

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