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World Border Acupuncture Treatment:
“Well, as with everything about my work it takes a bit of a leap of the imagination, but the Pacific Ocean is what lies between America and China and the Far East. One goes West to find East. So I am placing needles in the sand at the water’s edge, even though it is not the exact border. In acupuncture the needles are seldom placed directly into the troubled area, but where the energy flows. In the case of my treatments the discussion of the treatment is part of the treatment. To increase the flow of people and ideas between nations divided by borders, my treatments add to the dialogue of this need. So in a sense, the words said and written about the treatment is part of the cure. Plus I love the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. While the rest of the state travels north and south between SF and LA on the freeways, I always take the PCH route through Big Sur all the way down to where it joins Route 101. It is one of the most beautiful drives on Earth and during the week there is very little traffic.”

Lowell Darling is an artist, has run for Governor of California and lost twice, is Director of the Center of World Problems, was Head of the Fat City School of Finds Art, the world’s largest degree granting institution during the 1970s with over 50,000 graduates, and holds a PHD in the Art of Urban Acupuncture from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is presently based in San Francisco after living for several years in Berlin, Germany, and Rhodes, Greece. He is currently performing acupuncture treatments on the world to increase the flow of humanity across our unnatural man made borders (of various kinds.)


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