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The Luggage Store Gallery in collaboration with CIO! hosted nightly public projections from July 23 – August 31. From Market St., projected through the Luggage Store Gallery’s Mezzanine Window, viewers were presented with a compilation of videos from artists around the world addressing CAPITALISM. 

Artists included: Stephen Parr/Oddball Film & Video; B from Buenos Aires; Adriana Varella (NY); Valerie Soe (SF); Heartland Productions (IL); Stephanie Ellis and Serena Wellen (SF), Paz De La Calzada (SF), bantercut (SF), Eliza Barrios (SF), TWCDC (SF), Gordon Winiemko, Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert (SF), Michael Zheng (SF), and more.

The Luggage Store, also known as The 509 Cultural Center is a non profit artist run multidisciplinary arts organization, founded in 1987. We obtained our 501C3 non-profit status in November, 1989. Our mission is to build community by organizing multidisciplinary arts programming accessible to and reflective of the Bay Area’s residents. Our programs are designed to broaden social and aesthetic networks, and to encourage the flow of images and ideas between the diverse cultural communities that cross paths in our exceptionally dynamic downtown San Francisco neighborhood.

The Luggage Store

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