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TWCDC used their repurposed 1985 Mercedes 300TD Marxist stock car that runs on waste vegetable oil “Das Vegetal” as another vehicle for getting the word out that we the people have the power to create change in all areas. On July 29, 2010 “Das Vegetal” took to the downtown streets during the lunch hour of the working masses and during busy shopping days where TWCDC operatives proclaimed into megaphones that Capitalism is indeed Over (if you want it). On this venture they encountered the Capitalist Pig (a bright pink pig wearing a big grin and pushing a cart of gifts for all) that they heard had been wandering the streets of San Francisco for some of America’s richest companies, they took the pig captive to dialogue about capitalism and its discontents.

TWCDC also transferred the “CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It” logo into a mass-produced commodity that goes straight to the people rather than the billboards of the ’70’s that John and Yoko used to announce “WAR IS OVER! If You Want It!” Instead the contemporary slogan is presented as stickers that people can take with them, own if you will, and stick (it) to the system.

The guerrilla art group Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (TWCDC) has been fighting capitalism since 1996. As part of CIO! they are undertaking a number of separate campaigns; some of which are totally clandestine.

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