Coming out of the summer haitus – and having slight issues with the WP 3.2 update (not WPs fault..) – we’re back with a whole new section dedicated to folks (groups and individuals alike) who are CIO’s HEROES.

CIO HEROES are folks who help us consider a different way of approaching Capitalism by offering us “Solutions” –  be it through thought or practice. (Our HEROES will be featured on the sidebar of our site.)

We’d love to open up suggestions to anyone who’s following this blog. You could suggest groups/folks by emailing us at, commenting on our Blog, tweeting or posting to our FB Page!

Our first CIO HERO is Teresa VanHatten-Granath. I personally stumbled across her work at Electric Works Gallery. Teresa is the founder of Green Bag Lady which began in 2008. As I was perusing Electric Works’ retail space, speaking to Judith Selby and Richard Lang and enjoying Elaine Buckholtz‘s exhibition, I was drawn to one of my art heroes’ (Agelio Batle) work. I decided to purchase one of his infamous graphite pieces and in doing so qualified for a Green Bag Lady bag for FREE! When Richard pulled out a box full of bags, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they were made and how beautiful they were. As I was choosing a bag Richard and Judith explained Teresa’s project.  All bags were hand made, local (Tennessee), fabrics donated and are FREE! Her intention with this project is to make consumers mindful of how much waste is going on in the world by using and NOT re-using bags. Although this concept isn’t new – I have to hand it to her for being diligent in maintaining this project throughout the years. As of Aug 2011 – she’s given away 17,047 bags worldwide.

For more go to our NEW CIO HEROES space on our website or going directly to‘s site.

The fall is upon us stay tuned to CIO actions in the coming months!!

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2 Responses to CIO HEROES!!

  1. Thank you Harmony and thank you CIO for the honor! 🙂

    Green Bag Lady

  2. Harmony says:

    The Green Bag Lady has been my hero for years! It’s nice to see others catching on to her incredible super-powers!

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