San Francisco’s Tenderloin district has the highest concentration of homeless persons (44%), comprises the highest proportion of residents living in poverty (69.7%) with a per capita income of $14,556 compared to San Francisco’s average of $73,802, and of the population 16 years and older, 47% are unemployed.

Megan Wilson and Christopher Statton have reached out to three of the new innovative businesses – TwitterZendesk, and Yammer – that are part of the Central Market CBA and who have voiced that they want to work with organizations in the community that are addressing the struggles of homelessness – to ask them to participate in our project Better Homes & Gardens Today. They are working with three organizations – two in the Central Market/Tenderloin area – the Gubbio Project and Coalition On Homelessness, as well as At The Crossroads Street Youth Support that serves homeless youth throughout SF – to help raise awareness and educate around the realities of homelessness, while helping to raise money to support these critical organizations. So far we’ve heard nothing backwe’ll keep trying.

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