Today’s Events: Saturday July 31

Sat. July 31

Noon                 NO WE CAN’T (Steven Wolf)
Buttons with the project’s title will be offered to people in a basket on a table next to a sign that says Free, Please Take One, in the mission district for one hour around lunchtime. At 20th and Valencia.

A consumer strike around Union Square. CONCENTRIC FLEXUS will hold signs with various slogans and do a silent march around the shopping district. In the grand spirit of The Flower Cops, CONCENTRIC FLEXUS is a modern dance performance troupe dedicated to the surreal and silly while spreading a message of peace and benevolence. Beginning at Macy’s and ending in Union Square Park.

8pm – 6am       PROJECTIONS
The Luggage Store Gallery
in collaboration with CIO is hosting nightly public projections from July 23 – August 13. From Market St., through the Luggage Store Gallery’s Mezzanine Window, viewers will be able to experience a compilation of videos from artists around the world addressing the issue of CAPITALISM. At 1007 Market Street (corner of 6th Street)
Artists include: Stephen Parr/Oddball Films; B from Buenos Aires; Adriana Varella (NY); Valerie Soe (SF); Heartland Productions (IL); Stephanie Ellis and Serena Wellen (SF), Paz De La Calzada (SF), bantercut (SF), Eliza Barrios (SF), TWCDC (SF), Gordon Winiemko, Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert (SF), Michael Zheng (SF), and more.

CAPITALISM IS OVER! Mural at University of California Berkeley Extension Art & Design Center Gallery painted by youth in the Meridian Interns Program, an arts education and empowerment program for at-risk youth offered through Meridian Gallery. The mural offers passersby an alternative message that speaks to the current oppressive economic system. Mural on view at 95 Third Street through August 3RD.

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