THIS WEEK’S EVENTS: August 9 – 14

Tuesday, August 10 –

6:00 AM – Bigger Pigeons (BP) (Chuck, Inc., Bryan and Vita Hewitt): Chuck Inc. will create a system of real time notification using birdseed. This piece will take place for the duration of one business day of the New York Stock Exchange in the financial district of San Francisco. Birdseed will be used to draw a large-scale version of British Petroleum’s stock symbol. The value fluctuations of the stock will be updated on the half hour. At the end of market the stock symbol will be swept clean.

Blow-Out Odyssey (Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert) 1:00pm – The artists will             wind their way through the financial district, walking and arguing, loudly and             passionately, about their finances, their unintended moments of dishonesty, their             expectations about the other’s role in the relationship, and their general frustrations with each other as a couple, all while visiting the offices of companies  along the way that make a significant portion of their revenue from oil. See the interactive map of the route here.

Wednesday, August 11 –

By 10 am – along Market Street: Daily Slots (Eliza Barrios and Paz De la Calzada) re-purposes newsstands with alternative messages that focus on the economy, consumerism and the un-sustainability of the capitalistic culture.

Thursday, August 12 –

11 am – This Little Piggy Went To Market (Megan Wilson) A bright pink pig,  has gone to market for some of America’s richest companies and is helping them to give back, pushing a cart of gifts for all. Piggy will be handing out gifts along Market and Montgomery Streets in San Francisco.

Friday, August 13 –

by 10 am – along Market and Montgomery Street: Daily Slots (Eliza Barrios and             Paz De la Calzada) re purposes news stands with alternative messages focusing             on the economy, consumerism and the un-sustainability of the capitalistic culture.

11 am – This Little Piggy Went To Market (Megan Wilson) A bright pink pig, has gone to market for some of America’s richest companies and is helping them  to give back, pushing a cart of gifts for all. Piggy will be handing out gifts along Market and Montgomery Streets in San Francisco.

Noon Capitalism, a Dumbshow or A Bail-Out In Mime (Gordon Winiemko):             The glorious story of the simultaneous Rise of Capitalism and the United States  — and their long, slow decline — is chronicled in a form fitting of its subject — Mime, or Dumbshow. Winiemko and his mime partner will mimic movements of shoppers, and suggest the final movement in the three-part drama of a market  driven society, ending with the human spirit in triumph. Union Square.

Noon Tuesday Alert Reconfigured (Cheryl Meeker): The weekly Tuesday noon test on public PA systems of San Francisco’s emergency outdoor warning system has had new residents and visitors alarmed, and long-term San  Franciscans alternately jerked to a state of orange alert, or noting the fleeting weeks of their lives. Hoping to transform our weekly fight or flight response into bemusement the Tuesday alert test is sampled and the familiar is transformed and played at random SF locations and online.

Saturday, August 14 –

10am – 8pm – The Big Return (Heather Sparks): Having been a fashion stylist in the 1990′s, the repetitive action of shopping and returning while working on catalogs became a kind of meditation on consumption, diffusing Spark’s own need to consume and demystifying the lure of luxury brands. In the spirit of the fashion industry, Sparks invites others to join her for a day of binging, purging, shopping and returning as an exploration of desire and consumption.



Nightly 8pm – 6am –. At 1007 Market Street (corner of 6th Street)
The Luggage Store Gallery in collaboration with CIO! is hosting nightly public projections. On view from Market St., through the Luggage Store Gallery’s Mezzanine Window, viewers are able to experience a compilation of videos by artists from around the world that address the impacts of capitalism. Through August 15.

Looped DVD Program:

1. B: Doma Do Me  03:43
2. Oddball Film and Video: Marilyn for Union Oil Company 00:37
3. Stephanie Ellis and Serena Wellen: Staging Abu Ghraib 10:16
4. TWCDC: Che Guevara for Citybank 00:13
5. Valerie Soe: Art Film Revolution 01:26
6. TWCDC: Will Work to Defeat Capitalism 05:52
7. TWCDC: The Terminator for Citybank 00:15
8. bantercut: Stupid People 03:38
9. Heartland: What a Day to Be Alive 01:52
10. Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert: Death and Taxes 13:32
11. Michael Zheng: cioiywl 00:16
12. Stephen Parr/Oddball Film and Video: Esso – A Century of Achievement 26:15
13. Paz de la Calzada: Shopping Cart Soldiers 05:34

A Generic Protest. (Les Soeurs Dissentient: L.S.D., Mary George and Rebecca Miller):
L.S.D. have created a protest by creating digital posters that can be posted anywhere and everywhere at any time. Using modest means of production these posters embody the aesthetics of protest and discontent for the constraints of institutionalized life. The posters are intended to convey immediacy and the sense of urgency that a protest enacts. These 6 sequential letter-sized B&W photocopy posters are performance on paper that can be activated by posting them anywhere, and at any time.

Sapare aude (Guy Overfelt): The term autonomia/Autonome is derived from the Greek “auto–nomos” referring to someone or something which lives by his/her own rule. Autonomy, in this sense, is not independence. While independence refers to an autarcic kind of life, separated from the community, autonomy refers to life in society but by one’s own rule. Aristotle thus considered that only beasts or gods could be independent and live apart from the polis (“community”), while Kant defined the Enlightenment by autonomy of thought and the famous “Sapere aude” (“dare to know”).


1. goto your twitter account (or open a twitter account
2. goto the What’s Happening? form field
3. type @guyoverfelt #stealthis [the object you want me to steal]

Sanctuary City (Rhonda Winter): Sanctuary City is a fictional apocalyptic serial about the collapse of capitalism, a blighted dystopia, water, shared resources, local food production, Kurt Cobain and beavers. Winter will be posting the series throughout the project. Installments include:

* Sanctuary City: Day 429
* Sanctuary City: Seas of Acid
* Sanctuary City: Chemical Rain
* Sanctuary City: Beavers
* Sanctuary City: Capitalism is Dead* Sanctuary City: Beaver, Washington

Secrets of the Silent Mountain (Matthew Rana): Access artwork by calling 510-283-1375. Secrets of the Silent Mountain is an audio book and short story written by corporate employees. Over 20 days, artist Matthew Rana will make a series of phone calls to bankers, technical support staff and customer service representatives, interrupting their workday with idle conversation. Drawn from narratives used in corporate team-building exercises to enhance productivity, these phone calls will form the basis for a short story and audio book. Hear new chapters daily by calling 510-283-1375.

Yet Another Victim.. (KWIK): KWIK continues their sticker project “Yet Another Victim of THE U.S. RECESSION”. These stickers have been placed on abandoned buildings and companies going out of business in San Francisco, Jogjakarta Indonesia, Bangkok Thailand, Phenom Penh Cambodia, and Manila Philippines.

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