Petition against Gang of 6 debt ceiling bill which cuts Social Security and threatens Medicare and Medicaid: from Dennis Kucinich

The Raw Deal? by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Wednesday, 20 July 2011

“A Big Deal.”

That’s what the White House has been fighting for the past few weeks in negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. It was a search for a “compromise.”

And so yesterday, President Obama applauded the gang of six “compromise” based on, as he explains, “shared sacrifice and everybody … giving up something.”

The only thing being compromised is the Administration’s values. This deal cuts Social Security and threatens Medicare and Medicaid, selling out those who need help the most, America’s children, poor and elderly – all while taxes are being cut.

Our message is simple: cutting Social Security which has nothing to do with the debt ceiling is not a “big deal” we can accept, it is a bad deal we must reject. Please sign my petition now, and forward it to 10 of your friends:

Do not let them disingenuously fold the issue of Social Security – which is solvent through 2036 – into raising the debt limit. Do not let them move the ball so far down the field that a “compromise” has become a politically friendly term for caving in on the very cornerstone of our Party and – more importantly – on well established principles of economic and social justice in America.

The more details that emerge, the worse the picture gets. While our unemployment remains perilously high and families are suffering, instead of a roadmap for recovery we are receiving directions towards another depression. Any “deal” that ignores the massive economic challenges of this country and balances the budget on the backs of children, seniors and the poor is not moral. In a lifetime, will our party have journeyed from the New Deal to the Raw Deal?

I hope you can help me through insisting that Congress find a more fair and just compromise. It would be helpful if you sign the petition and circulate it to your contacts.

With respect,


Dennis Kucinich

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8 Responses to Petition against Gang of 6 debt ceiling bill which cuts Social Security and threatens Medicare and Medicaid: from Dennis Kucinich

  1. michelle says:

    Racism in the south will block everything and NO ONE will win in the US.

    I have been reading so many blogs and comments all over the net for a year now about the poor and the comments were saying they want to poor to die off and that the poor are the problem because the poor needs so much help. Most of those comments are directed towards black poor yet whites are being made poor by the dozens every week.

    The poor are people and most of them are US citizens both black and white, therefore, white and black need to befriend each other very quickly all over the US as all other races in the US will not suffer at all.

    If whites and blacks do not unite in the south then there is not need for anyone to fight for anything.

  2. Kim Miller says:

    Do not touch SS/Medicare/Medicaid funds. Perhaps if those who in power to make such decisions had to work for the wages of the average Americans and pay into these systems, and pay for their own healthcare they would be in touch with reality. For those who we elect to represent us to forget why they were put there in the first place has gotten to be ridiculously laughable and not just here at home but around the world. We point finger at countries around the world for the way they treat their citizens while we elect people to these post that are no better. Stop hacking away at the everyday citizens benefits that they have paid into while working the jobs that are the foundation of this country. While those elected continue to live in a bubble. Part of the solution would be that we the citizens demand as we have the right to that Senators and Congressman have term limits just as imposed on our elected Presidents. We also demand that they do not receive a life time of benefits and must return to the general population and earn a living as the rest of us. The medical and retirement of these individuals is no more important than the citizens they represent and it is time they pay their way as we do.
    Say YES to raising the debt ceiling. Say YES to reforming healthcare. Say YES to preserving Social Security. Say YES to preserving Medicare/Medicaid. Say NO to intitlements. Say NO to pork spending. Say YES to bringing our military home and staying out of unwarranted wars. Remember that the Republican regime for the past decade is what took the surplus of the Clinton administration and squandered it away. Tax those who make money off of the American citizens by sending jobs overseas. Bring our troops and jobs back home. Secure our borders, guard our land and people, put us back to work, demand that other countries pay tariffs as large as we do, and make the words MADE in AMERICA mean something again. It’s a shame what politicians have been allowed to get away with and put this country to shame.

  3. MCG says:

    I am all for Obama. Prior to when he came into office all americans seen was unagreance, disfunction, and shame. As an american I am actually ashamed of what have been going on. No one wants to agree with him. The democrats, republicians, house and congress just can’t come together. This is crazy! They couldn’t hold him down as he glided into office and they are trying thier very best to hold him down now. Obama is on a mission a heaven sent mission that to be completely honest what all Americans need. Barack Obama I stand behind you and what you believe in 110%. Please don’t give up! Americans need you and your team….Democrats!

  4. Denise Cross says:

    Can you tell I am not only worried but outraged……………….I am not a rebel kind of person but when you threaten my mothers well being you bet I will become one. Whats a couple dollars more on my check to cover SS and Med if it helps the poor and elderly.Just stop giveing money to other countries and help your own. Congress quit playing golf and take take a cut in pay so you won’t ride in a limo call a cabe. Or drive yourself.

  5. Denise Cross says:

    in addition to my last comment. Maybe if more of the rich would pay taxes instead of all the itemized deductions which I wonder are legit, be wouldn’t be in this situation. Afterall wasn’t their a war over taxes before. Their use to be a upper class middle class and lower class. I read along time ago about how an organization of upperclass were trying to elementate a middle class and it looks like they have done that. Only the rich keep getting richer off us poor americans. We are selling,pawning giving to each other in hope to just servive. What is Congress doing and the white house, I haven’t had a vacation in 10 years. I’ll bet they cant’ say that. I don’t know where this post goes cause the last one I didn’t see after i sent it. But who ever see this I hope we know you received it. Concerned Citizen Of the United States Of American. Oh yeah and further more My father, Grandfather Husband and Son have been in the US Military and defended our rights and paid SS and Med. and all the woment to have paid all these year to feel secure but none of us are feeling very secure right now. If Congress does this to the elderly and poor their will be a rising of the citizens like you have never seen I’m sure. Is that what our goverment wants. Looting shooting I bet if its there security they wouldnt

  6. Denise Cross says:

    My mother is only getting only 450 a month off SS and she is living in an elderly care home because she has dementia. she has resently had a stroke and is recovering. For gods sake if you take her Medicare and Medicade and SS I don’t know what she will do because she is in hospice and they pay for some of her health care. I haven’t recovered from loosing my job 2 years ago and trying to cover her and my debts will drive me to have to seek life on the streets because I won’t be able to pay my rent. I have no insurance myself because I can’t afford it and my job doesn’t cover us. I have type two diabete,emphyzima and COPD. I only seeing the poor suffering. to think that you could show a video of the president and congress playing golf while they discuss the nation debt is totally unbelievable. I barely can put gas in my tank. I can’t think about playing a round of golf. Maybe the cuts should come from the politions instead of the poor man

  7. Joe Mayes & Deanna Craig says:

    Dear Respectful Officals,
    I am not just speaking for myself but everybody that is on SSD. Why should the poor man have to pay for everything no more than we make a month? The time we pay all our bills and buy food we are broke. Every month we have to make a choice on what bills to pay or eat. I am sure you”ll never have had this problem and I will be honest with you”ll it is not a fun situation. Why do you”ll want to cut the programs for the poor people and not raise the taxes on the rich? Thank you for time in this matter.
    Joe Mayes & Deanna Craig

  8. Sarah Miller says:

    These articles by columist David Lawrence Dewey are the most fact based articles I have read pertaining to the social security problem, the jobs we have lost and why. He provides the facts and the truth. Everyone should read them.

    Hello Washington Politicians…
    Putting People Back To Work Will Resolve Deficit
    and Save Social Security and Medicare
    The Facts You Need To Know America

    The Banking Meltdown – The Cause
    Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and another Bush…
    Deregulati­on and the Slippery Road to Poisoned Assets

    Dewey warned people in 2004 of what was coming concerning the financial meltdown.

    The Truth About the Jobs Losses and More to Follow

    He warned people again in 2008:

    Job Loss Hits Records Highs

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