Nightly Projections at the Luggage Store

Beginning August 3 thru August 15 from 8pm to 6am EVERY NIGHT check out CIO’s Public Projection series in collaboration with the Luggage Store (1007 Market Street – located at Market and 6th in the bugeoning area of the Mid-Market – aka Central-Market area)

From Market St., through the Luggage Store Gallery’s Mezzanine Window, viewers will be able to experience a compilation of videos from artists around the world addressing the issue of capitalism. Through August 15.

Looped DVD Program:
1. B: Doma:Do Me 03:43
2. Oddball Film and Video: Marilyn for Union Oil Company 00:37
3. Stephanie Ellis and Serena Wellen: Staging Abu Ghraib 10:16
4. TWCDC: Che Guevara for Citybank 00:13
5. Valerie Soe: Art Film Revolution 01:26
6. TWCDC: Will Work to Defeat Capitalism 05:52
7. TWCDC: The Terminator for Citybank 00:15
8. bantercut: Stupid People 03:38
9. Heartland Productions: What a Day to Be Alive 01:52
10. Sean Fletcher and Isabell Reichert: Death and Taxes 13:32
11. Michael Zheng: cioiywl 00:16
12. Oddball Film and Video: Esso – A Century of Achievement 26:15
13. Paz de la Calzada: Shopping Cart Soldiers 05:34

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