CIO in Leah Garchik’s column today-

Leah Garchik writes about Darling’s piece, happening today at NOON at the water’s edge near the end of the N Judah line, and about 2 other CIO pieces that will be happening next week:

“Lowell Darling‘s acupuncture of the shoreline, mentioned herein last week, is just one part of a series of actions/events that began July 18 and runs through Aug. 28, in a project called Capitalism Is Over If You Want It. A full calendar is available at, but the project examples also include proof that arguing is the new political action (well, maybe not new) and lying around at home is the new demonstration.

— “Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert loudly argue about money, honesty, infidelity or getting lost as they travel between different companies related to oil.” More information about this Aug. 10 “Blow-Out Odyssey,” including an interactive map, is at

— And in “Market Fatigue,” “Dan and Cheryl stay in bed because they have run to the end of their credit limits, are exhausted by looking for jobs, and to protest the proposed sit-lie law.” Organizers say it will be at Yerba Buena Gardens, but the artists “so far … have been too tired to decide upon a date.”

— One thing more: Darling isn’t planning to leave those needles in the sand. His acupuncture ceremony will take place at noon today at the beach adjacent to the end of the N-Judah line.”

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