667 Shotwell Projects: NEXT

CIO! is honored to be included in the inaugural issue of 667 Shotwell Project’s NEXT, a forum of proposals for ideas, works, and tactics for what is NEXT. From NEXT:

Based on recent events and occupations of public space nationally, 667 Shotwell is announcing a call for proposals by Artists to contribute to a book of artworks, ideas, and tactics for actively framing what is to come NEXT… The NEXT… book will exist as a PDF & slideshow for distributing Artist’s proposed actions / ideas for addressing the current national and international social and economic disparities in question. The goal of the NEXT… Platform is to share your ideas with other artists whom want to complicate, debate, or expand the possibilities of the Occupy political movement. 667Shotwell is encouraging artists to think of big and small ideas for works that interfere with existing systems, reframe the debate, and affect the social fabric.

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