This Should Be Fun!: Facebook Photo Tag Brands


Facebook users will soon be able to tag more than just people in photos.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced a new photo-tagging feature that lets users identify people or objects that have their own Facebook Pages. Previously, users could tag only their friends.

For example, if you’ve recently uploaded a photo of yourself holding a can of Coke, you can now label the Coke can with a tag that links to Coke’s official Facebook Page.

The feature is currently limited to Pages for people or brands and products, though Facebook plans to expand these categories.

As with any new Facebook update, there are downsides. ZDNet’s Rich Harris explains, “The more obnoxious byproduct possibility is that the trail of tagging activity in people’s feeds could be overkill.”

Noting potential privacy concerns, Facebook warns that public photo will “appear publicly on the Photos tab of the Page,” while pictures shared just with friends will only be accessible to friends.

If it catches on, this new feature could be great for brands looking to virally spread awareness about their products. It could also be a big opportunity for Facebook to monetize the site’s popular photo service.

Writes the Atlantic, “It’s conceivable that, soon enough, you won’t need to tag the Pages in your photos, but that Facebook will do it for you, demanding that, once you’re photographed with an object, you’re forever associated with it. Coke would love that.”


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