Saturday’s BIG RETURN

From Heather Sparks:
As a meditation on desire and consumer practices for the project Capitalism IS Over, I took a group around San Francisco to shop for things we really wanted, but asked everyone to return everything they bought by the end of the day.

We took full advantages of freebies- (hand lotion, hair products, perfume, free samples of coffee and food), were entertained by a fashion show, entranced and inspired by store displays, picked up models, and had romantic moments near the Nordstrom pianist– We all felt a rush of adrenaline when we bought coveted and expensive items– and a rush of relief when we returned everything.

dazzling store display

buying $650 shoes at Saks

Gordon appreciating the talent

Megan & Missoni

good color combo for Megan but I feel certain that we can pick up a close proxy at Mission Thrift

purchasing chloe bag

feeling a rush and loving the groovy Louis Vuitton light who behind me

taking advantage of a Nordstrom piano serenade

giving back a little more

is it?

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