Map of the recent mass animal deaths

Posted by Nick Eaton

I didn’t realize just how many bizarre cases of mass animal deaths have occurred in the past month, until I saw the custom Google Map shown above.

Birds and fish have been dying en masse left and right, prompting many people to start talking about conspiracy theories or the apocalypse. Scientists, meanwhile, have been telling the public these die-offs aren’t rare.

But jeez – how common is this?

In the map above, most of the incidents are dead fish. Birds also seem quite unlucky.

The great thing about the Google Map is that each location is accompanied by a news story about the incident. Want to learn about the estimated 100,000 dead drum fish – yes, one-hundred thousand -that clogged 20 miles of an Arkansas river three days ago? Check the report here. Didn’t hear about how summer weather is killing off penguins in New Zealand? Link and learn.

Check out the custom Google Map HERE.

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