Lowell Darling: Border Acupuncture

At Ocean Beach today, “placing needles in the sand at the water’s edge. … In acupuncture, the needles are seldom placed directly into the troubled area, but where the energy flows… To increase the flow of people and ideas between nations divided by borders, our treatments add to the dialogue of this need.”

Lowell Darling talks about the project and its context.

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4 Responses to Lowell Darling: Border Acupuncture

  1. Myseclara says:

    Problem is fiinndg a politician that isn’t bought, and will not be bought and corrupted by the system. The system is broken. Until laws are passed that remove corporate money from politics, nothing can go forward.

  2. Annoyed Parent says:

    rofl! OK, you had me worried for a bit!

  3. Annoyed Parent says:

    If these are real needles… how are you NOT going to lose them in the sand and end up in a kids toes?

    • cherylmeeker says:

      Dear Annoyed Parent,
      Sorry to worry you — the acupuncture needles are very large wood ones– Please see the images of them which I’ve just been able to post. They are specifically for the earth, and are too large to lose–
      Mr. Darling carefully retrieved all “needles” before leaving the beach.
      CIO – Sotl

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