It’s time for another Dream House Raffle!

This time it’s the Silicon Valley version

Scroll down the raffle’s home page and you’ll see that one of the two sponsors of the raffle is Titan 360 – the outdoor advertising giant. Check out their stomach churning video about the San Francisco DMA (Designated Market Area) and how their advertising dominates San Francisco residents. YBCA’s mission statement talks about propelling short and long term social change — but what kind of social change is propelled by a collaboration with Titan?

It is sad that these days that YBCA (and most other major arts organizations) find it necessary to collaborate with corporations that are at the forefront of promoting an unsustainable economic system, fostering inequality, and blighting our public space with messages we do not want to see, and which nobody asked our permission to show us. The opposite of art is propaganda.

For more on the Dream House Raffle, see my previous post.


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