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Artists attack capitalism in the streets of San Francisco

07.26.10 – 3:08 pm | Steven T. Jones |


A group of local artists and bloggers on the site Capitalism is Over! will hit the streets of San Francisco this week for a series of performance art pieces designed to highlight the damage that powerful players in our economic system are doing to people and the environment, an action they dubbed “Capitalism is Over! If You Want It (The Summer of Tough Love).”

“The inspiration was our fear about the insanity that’s happening out there, with BP, with Goldman Sachs, with all the people who are out of work, with all the sadness about what’s going on,” Megan Wilson, one of five event organizers, told the Guardian. “Our hope to to get people talking about it and hopefully get some political action.”

Among the pieces are a big pink pig giving back after going to the market, a repurposing of newsracks called Daily Slots, a consumer strike at Union Square, and distribution of “No We Can’t” buttons in the Mission. Check here for a complete list, along with times and places.

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