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A Generic Protest
L.S.D. created a protest by developing digital posters that can be posted anywhere and everywhere at any time. Using modest means of production these posters embody the aesthetics of protest and discontent for the constraints of institutionalized life. The posters are intended to convey immediacy and the sense of urgency that a protest enacts. These 6 sequential letter sized B&W photocopy posters are performance on paper that can be activated by posting them anywhere, and at any time.

Les Soeurs Dissentient L.S.D. are Mary George and Rebecca Miller. They attended SFAI in the 90s together and both now live and work in London. Mary George Graduated with a MA in sculpture from Byam Shaw University and Rebecca Miller will graduate in the fall with an MA in new media art and theory from Goldsmiths University of London. They have each independently exhibited nationally and internationally.

Mary George

Rebecca Miller

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