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Your Financial Future
Chuck Inc. predicts your financial future using a mix of time-tested Tarot techniques and warning-sign graphics. An entirely new set of cards has been created for this purpose and a professional event planner/ card reader has been engaged for the readings. Customers are invited to have their future financial possibilities explained to them by the cards.

This piece merges fortune-telling with the iconography of instructional signage. These two-color abstractions are an important means by which contemporary global culture speaks to its members. Chuck wishes to use these ubiquitous visual soundbites as stand-ins for the desires and tendencies that they imply. This will form a web of possibilities that can be used to predict the upcoming financial choices of the viewers.

Chuck, Inc. is an alter ego of Bryan and Vita Hewitt formed to produce art that exists within sales culture. Chuck™ creates social sculpture using the medium of corporate training and sales techniques. Vita Hewitt worked as a sales professional for 9 years before beginning a career as an artist, and has studied with several prominent sales trainers. Bryan Hewitt has worked in the graphic design and publicity fields at intervals over the past 12 years. Chuck, Inc. was created in collaboration with professional stockbrokers and salespeople such as those representing the three main dishes of Dinner by Chuck®.

One of the primary goals of the Chuck, Inc. project is to form connections between the spheres of food production/consumption, sales culture, and the art world. Once this conversation begins, it can lead to insights and exchanges that would not have been possible without the assistance of Chuck™ .

Chuck, Inc.

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